under construction

After few years I didn't finished my home page, but be sure, it'll be some day in near feature :)
I promise!

I have graduated product design, and worked as a graphic designer. I developed a lot of graphics for 2D games in previous company.
I like web development, soo I switched to web design/development. After few years of freelancing I learn a lot of dev stuff and combine it with my design experience to became a front end web designer/developer.
Currently I work in company that develop a lot of web apps, on top of all modern web technologies.

I mostly write javascript, primary AngularJS in last few months.

Working on a pretty large single page application in my company, we've experienced a lot of stuff in AngularJS you wouldn't find in simple examples, where you end up with few models.
I've plan to tell write about this!

Beside front end I like back end web development too. In last few months I'm pretty much in Rails every day, but I'm PHP enthusiast.
I like a lot of cool modern PHP stuff, like composer, Laravel 4, and all other reusable components written for 5.3+!